There are ginseng in Korea and Vietnam are hasing Noni

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There are ginseng in Korea and Vietnam are hasing Noni

There are ginseng in Korea and Vietnam are hasing Noni. The use of  Noni is not inferior to that of Korea at affordable prices. Not only has great effect on health but it is also known as the famous natural cosmetics are Korean tourists favorite and selected when the opportunity to Vietnam.

What are the advantages of the soap?

It is not natural that Noni soap can reuse the privilege and use it like that. The following advantages are considered as the superiority of Noni soap and will certainly be the point for those looking for a soft, medium and whitening product.
1.     They are rich in antioxidants, which help to reduce the growth of stem cells as well as prevent the aging of the skin, making the skin youthful, smooth and healthy.
2.     Noni also has the ability to remove toxins very high as well as eliminate the risk of dark skin outside the body. Avoid skin freckles as well as freckles.
3.     Iridoids are a substance found in the fruit that helps the body to increase its resistance as well as help the body fight against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
4.     Vitamin E, A, B, C ... vitamins are extremely rich in minerals that help keep the skin smooth and dry.
5.     Noni soap that can treat acne as well as cleanse and anti-pigmented skin, making it healthy and clean.
6.     Skin can be turned naturally so do not worry about sun.
7.     You can also wash your face with Noni soap, it has a very effective cleansing effect.
8.     The ability to deodorize the body, smell of sweat, tight area ... extremely effective.
9.     In particular, Noni soap can cure some skin diseases such as vaginal yeast, eczema or eczema.
10.      As for baby's delicate skin, soap does not cause any side effects, the skin will not fungus baby; Especially in the summer when there are many scabies, using soap daily creme sure the fragile skin will always be protected.

That is why so many soaps left to sell in the market, it is both beneficial and harmful to customers. Because of this, finding fruit soap is no longer difficult for Vietnamese customers as well as foreign visitors. However, many brands mean the higher the risk of counterfeiting. Ask the customer to find out about this item more than before to avoid poor quality.

Cocosavon is the most popular natural product brand.

1.Now, Cocosavon natural soaps  include : coconut soap, Noni soap, soap turmeric, rice bran soap and moringa soap.  

2. Observe with the naked eye that the product has rounded cylindrical edges, depending on the type of material, but special note that the product is in color (when lighted into the light will see clear color), not as cloudy as other soap.More than cocosavon fruit soap is produced with the technology of soap (using the essence of the original fruit to create more superior products. Regular soap (clay soap usually made from animal fats and unprocessed chemical material) is poor in quality and can be harmful to the skin, especially sensitive skin.

3. The whole product shall be printed with full information on product name, utility, expiry date, manufacturer; Packed, labeled Cocosavon. Image code for the product is updating at the official website: - - -

4. Cocosavon soap products have been exported to Korea and are very popular in the Korean market.

Exclusive Distributor in Korea SEONGJIN Netword Co., Ltd

B-201 SK Twintech Tower, 119 GasanDigital 1Ro, Geumcheon-Gu, Seoul, Korea Products of Co Ba Production - Trading & Service Co., Ltd.

Product price: 35,000

Cocosavon Hanoi

No. 19, Lane 178 Tay Son, Dong Da district, Hanoi city.

Phone: (024) 62 603 861. Hotline 0989.328.648

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